People Management in Times of Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic took the world by storm and redefined the operational and relational realities in which we live. It pushed Organizations to adapt to align and evolve in order to survive, sustain, and eventually thrive

We, at Great Manager Institute, conducted a Pulse Survey to explore employee views and perspectives on people effectiveness during these trying times. Through this survey, we aimed to help Organizations understand if the meaning of greatness in people management has seen a major shift. Focus on business continuity and providing learning resources for skill enhancement have become the most prominent behaviors required in a great manager now.

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Objectives of the report

  • To identify key drivers of people manager effectiveness in your organization especially in times of crisis.
  • To understand gaps in your managers in preparedness for the new world

Key Areas of the Study

Organization-based focus

  • Business Continuity
  • Productivity
  • Readiness
  • Goal orientation
  • Participative management


  • Approachability
  • Connect
  • Support
  • Empathy


  • Learning Orientation
  • Goal Orientation
  • Work-life balance
  • Wellbeing
  • Friendly environment

The Study and learning can be applied to an Organizational Level as well. The study aims to understand the preparedness and effectiveness of the People Managers in times of crisis. We would like to help organizations understand the implications of crisis and help position them and their People Managers to deal with uncertainties that arise out of such events such that managers can better navigate the business and the employees in such trying times.


₹1,00,000 +Taxes (For an individual organization)

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Further, you can also choose to understand the preparedness of individual leaders at your organization by enrolling them on our Great Manager Certification Platform and understand in detail their People Managerial Effectiveness.