Registration – Teams (Women Leaders)

You are on this page because you are nominated to register yourself for the Great People Manager™ Study. This is India’s largest study on people managers, and as part of the same, we conduct a team feedback survey with your team members where they share their experience of working with you (free). You also get insights into your style of people management through this (paid).

If you need more details about the Study and want to understand its processes and frameworks, please call Shivangi Shinari on 96195 84859. You can explore the rest of the website as well to know more. If you want the entire organization (or a business unit within the organization) to participate, please fill the registration form here

Now you may proceed towards Registration for the Study. Post your acceptance, an email will also go to your HR leader for the required permissions to conduct the study.

The Registration Form can be seen below and you can register yourself through this form.