We invite sponsors for the following:

  • Powering the Great People Manager Study 2020, in association with Forbes India- only selected sponsors are chosen
  • Partnering with the Great People Manager Awards in July 2019- slots are open
What do the sponsors for the Great People Manager Study get?
  • Mentions on all collaterals mentioning the Great People Manager Study, along with mentions in the Forbes Issue that publishes the main list.
  • An opportunity to put an ad or an advertorial (in form of an interview or otherwise) in Forbes (double spread).
  • Additional mention and branding through our other channels, including and not limited to social media and emailers to tens of thousands of CXOs and other leaders associated with us.
Why should you sponsor or partner with us?
  • Unprecedented branding opportunity that takes your brand to almost every CXO or HR Leader in India.
  • Association that boosts your own brand credibility, owing to the strong credibility we possess for our brand, and that which our partner, Forbes, possesses.
  • Additional Discount of at least 15-30% on regular pricing for publishing in Forbes (that too, in its major issues).
  • Year-long mention of the brand as a partner for the Study (since it is an annual study), ensuring constant brand promotions through the following 12-18 months.
  • Future mentions of the brand showing it as a partner of the Study.

Expected Reach Of the Sponsor

    • General Impressions by CXOs: Around 100,000 CXOs across India
    • General Impressions by Senior Managers: Around 200,000
    • Deep Impressions by CXOs: 300-500 CXOs (direct partners of our Study)
    • Deep Impressions by Other Managers: 10000+ Managers (directly associated with our Study)
    • Deep Impressions by other Employees: We expect all employees of the 50 recognized companies to have a deep look as they would share the news of recognition proactively, leading to additional impressions beyond employees



Please start off by filling this Sponsorship Form. Click Here to get a sample of the Sponsorship Proposal.