Great Manager Podcast #1 with Chef Tanay Goregaokar


If you’re either an aspiring or existing manager, this webinar is for you, as you get to know the Secrets of becoming a Forbes-recognized Great People Manager. If you are from the hospitality industry, this will be even more contextual for you, as we will try to extract the best practices from your industry. You will also get an opportunity to ask industry-specific questions from our speaker. Lives of winners who get recognized through this honor change, do you not want to be part of this?


The podcast will be hosted by Rashmi Mutt, our Chief Storyteller, and shall feature one of the top 100 Great People Managers honored by Great Manager Institute and Forbes India, Chef Tanay Goregoakar. Chef Tanay is the only professional chef in the list this year and has a number of unique practices that help him become so great- he has helped housekeeping staff become chefs and has been instrumental in changing lives!


Do you want to get featured in Forbes? Do you want to have the tagline “Great People Manager” to your name? Do you want to get nearer to this life-changing achievement? Do you wish to improve as a people manager? Do you wish to become a people manager and get ready for this new world of management? In all of these cases, you need to know some of the secrets from the horse’s mouth. Now, if you are from the hospitality industry, this is the podcast for you, by a Great People Manager Chef.