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Leaders at Scale

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Great Manager Institute

Great Manager Institute

At The Great Manager Institute®, we leverage technology through data analytics and community-driven programs to shape a new generation of people managers. Our goal is to redefine people management globally, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to work with a Great People Manager.

Through advanced analytics, we identify improvement areas and provide actionable recommendations for developing exceptional people management skills. Join us in revolutionizing people management, creating a world where everyone benefits from the guidance of outstanding managers, leading to enhanced work experiences and organizational success.

GMI-Our Mission

Our Mission

To enable individuals to be Great People
Managers™ who deliver sustained results by
building trusting relationships.

Our Vision

To create a world where every individual gets
an opportunity to work with Great People

GMI-Our Vision

By partnering with us organisations have been able to


Reduction in Attrition

For one of the India’s top General Insurance Company


Increased Customer NPS

For a German Manufacturing Multinational


Improvement in Engagement

For British Retail GIC


Higher Performance Ratings

For one of India’s leading steel manufacturer

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Our Team

Inspired Trailblazers: Visionaries who Paved the Way

prasenjit bhattacharya

Prasenjit Bhattacharya

CEO and Co-Founder

A master's degree holder in Personnel Management from TISS, has worked at esteemed organizations like HSBC and Great Place to Work® India. In April 2018, he co-founded The Great Manager Institute®, marking a significant milestone in his career.

dalreen patrao

Dalreen Patrao

Co-Founder and Director

7 years of Telecom & Retail L&D experience aligning training with org strategy. Core competencies: Culture Transformation, Change Management, Leadership Development, Learning & Development process design, Business Development.

ashwin srivastava

Ashwin Srivastava


Experienced Venture Capitalist and Angel Investor in private equity, startup funding, and acquisitions. Successful serial entrepreneur, building and exiting multiple multi-million dollar companies in India and UAE.

sandeep malhotra

Sandeep Malhotra

Chief Product Officer

With 10+ years' expertise in product management, marketing, and strategy, drove growth and scaling for organizations like Great Place to Work, India. Passionate about Data Science, Psychology, and Mental Health.

rachana vyas

Rachana Vyas

Chief People Officer

Experienced Managing Consultant in HR with a strong track record in Customer Service, Business Dev, CRM, Recruiting, and Team Building. Proven expertise and history of success in the human resources industry.

vishwanath joshi

Vishwanath Joshi

Senior Vice President

Across 23+ years, his career blends Academics, Research, Corporate, and Consulting. Worked with 10000+ leaders in Corporate, EMBA teaching, Training, and Consulting, emphasizing the 'H' in HR for people and organizations.

shivangi shinari

Shivangi Shinari

Senior Manager - Customer Success

Shivangi holds 6+ years' experience in business development, client service, and project management. An inherent entrepreneur, she delights in data analysis. Passionate about People Culture, Management, and Sales, she brings a dynamic perspective to her roles.

aditi jain

Aditi Jain

Senior Project Manager - Accounts and Finance

Aditi, a proficient Chartered Accountant, excels in auditing. With a background in both corporate and academic roles, she has over 7 years of adeptly managing financial operations for diverse firms, showcasing her versatile expertise.

sagar amlani

Sagar Amlani


Sagar Amlani, the Productivity Explorer, boasts 16+ years' varied experience, notably at Daimler, VW, Hyundai. A bestselling author, LinkedIn strategist, and speaker, he's impacted 15,000+ individuals with valuable insights.

Values Driven Culture

The principles we stand for


Be the best

Determined to excel, we lead by example, igniting a ripple effect that inspires those around us to consistently bring their utmost potential.

individuality icon


We value each person as an individual and not just as a category or resource- be it a customer or a colleague.



Exhibiting complete clarity and transparency in every endeavor and decision.



Our genuine care encompasses everyone, while our unwavering focus lies in fostering personal growth among others.


Have faith

Within our tight-knit bonds, unwavering trust is etched, fostering a profound belief in one another’s capabilities and intentions.

values driven culture

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