Why are we valued so high globally?

What's new about what you're making? What substitutes do people resort to currently?

There is no credible platform in the world that can profile managers based on their people management abilities and then provide them with learning and engagement based on their personalized style.
There are 3 main barriers to reach the above-mentioned product which we have created:
1. Quantifying Style of People Management – many companies fail in this first barrier.
2. Creating profiles based on the quantified style through intelligent data collection techniques in a credible manner that is not just dependent on self-input of data.
3. Creating a personalized learning and engagement tool based on the profile using benchmarks of data from across the globe.
1. HR and Recruiters generally rely on an unorganized way of understanding a working professional’s people management abilities; they go through various tools and frameworks and implement the same in-house and sometimes spend days checking for references.
2. Individual Managers rely on independent coaches and facilitators to improve their abilities. Some of these independent coaches are very good, but are restricted due to their limited access to data.
3. Companies resort to Consultants (sometimes, Big 4) to create Learning and Development programs for their managers. The programs are not only expensive but unable to create personalization.

Who are your competitors, and who might become competitors? Whom do you fear the most?

There are majorly 5 types of competitors:
1. New upcoming HR Tech companies that are creating Bots: Some of them compete with some of our modules, but they are unable to compete with all of our modules because of their limited access to data and the knowledge of HR.
2. Big 4 Consulting firms: Since some of them provide Learning and Development; they are definitely our competitors.
3. Independent Facilitators: These are our most common competitors, but we have a plan to convert them into collaborators soon.
4. Internal L&D Programs by Companies
5. LinkedIN: This is the competitor whom we fear the most.
They are already in the business of profiling, though their profiling methodology is not credible enough and they completely fail when it comes to people management. We have DATA they don’t have access to. We have technologies they may take years to build. We have a team that they can’t have, as their focus is different.

Great Manager Certification (GMC)

How is this program different from other manager development programs?

The Great Manager Certification Program combines all other traditional manager development programs, such as classroom training, training workshops and one-on-one coaching and mentoring.
The library of curated content available on the platform is backed by experts and professionals in People Management and HR domains and provides theoretical learning to the web app users. The action planning templates offer users a variety of implementable plans which they can modify and initiate to their preference, suggesting practical learning that is well-suited to their profile.
A digital mentor is assigned to the individual to track their progress on the platform and offer guidance and coaching.
This program creates a customized approach to each user, recommending learning & development basis their profile built from self-assessment and team feedback scores. Through an analysis of their managerial effectiveness scores, both the skills and the unique style of the manager are understood and used to develop him/her into a Great People Manager.

What is the benefit of being certified as a Great People Manager?

Once the manager completes the recommended theoretical and practical learning on the platform, and the effectiveness scores meet the minimum threshold, the manager gets officially certified as a Great People Manager.
This certification is valid for the duration of the subscription to the app and can be used during that time to boost their personal brand. The digital certificate displays their recognition by a credible and well-acclaimed institution. This can be uploaded on personal and public profiles, in turn, making the manager a brand ambassador of Great Manager Institute.
This manager also becomes eligible to join an exclusive and niche community of Great People Managers, known as the Great Managers League. This offers the opportunity to expand one’s professional network via online and offline events, and interact with the best of the best.

How many managers can I register for this program?

You may initiate this program for as few as 2 managers. We offer various pricing models basis the number of managers you choose to onboard and the package you wish to subscribe to. You may even choose different packages for the managers from the same organization.

On an individual basis, we offer the following packages:


(Pricing Per Manager)


(INR 5000/- per year)


(INR 10000/- per year)


(INR 24000/- per year)

Access to Survey & Profile Creation Yes Yes Yes
Access to Learning & Development Content Yes (Basic Only) Yes (Basic & Premium) Yes (Basic & Premium)
Access to Guided Action Planning Yes Yes Yes
Access to Manager Mantras Yes Yes Yes
Certification Yes Yes Yes
Chat with Offline Mentor Yes

On an organizational basis, we offer the following packages:


(As described above)

Without Digital Mentor With Digital Mentor
Up to 300 managers (per manager) INR 8000/- per year INR 17000/- per year
301 – 500 managers (per manager) INR 6000/- per year INR 15000/- per year
Above 500 managers Can be discussed with organization Can be discussed with organization

What are the topics that are covered through this Program?

The Great Manager Institute framework is built on 3 broad themes of Connect, Develop and Inspire©. These 3 primary themes are known to outline a manager’s core role and define his overall effectiveness levels.

Under each theme is a series of sub-themes, as follows:


  • Fair Treatment
  • Information Sharing
  • Approachability
  • Candid Communication
  • Feedback Seeking
  • Reliability
  • Care for Individual
  • Work-Life Balance


  • Involvement in Decisions
  • Feedback Sharing
  • Development Focus
  • Guidance
  • Career Growth


  • Personal Best
  • Expectation Setting
  • Recognition
  • Fun & Celebrations

The theoretical and practical learning on the platform are aligned to either of these sub-themes, hence creating an entire library of valuable and relevant content.

The surveys that are launched to a manager’s team from the platform consist of 18 statements that each refer to one of the listed sub-themes. The self-assessment survey taken by the manager at the beginning of the program consists of 13 statements that are also pegged to different sub-themes. This helps to build the overall manager profile, as well as identify gaps between a team’s perception of the manager and a manager’s perception of him/herself.

Managers can view their theme and sub-theme-wise scores on the dashboard of the platform.

How do we ensure that the manager is actively involved with the platform?

The HR Team and internal drivers of the program are given central admin access, to allow them to view and track the progress of each manager. This can also enable them to recommend centrally driven action plans and learning and make suggestions as per the organizational context.

What kind of technology is used to drive this program?

The Great Manager Certification Web App is driven through the use of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and our proprietary OBMA tool.

With all the data captured from the self-assessments and team feedback surveys, the platform can recommend the most relevant and well-suited development plans by reading a manager’s profile. The manager’s unique style is understood based on their Connect, Develop and Inspire quotients, and leads to more well-rounded content being pushed to them.

Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the platform continues to update itself and become more intelligent with the more data it captures. This ensures stronger benchmarks, recommendations and overall learning and development for the user.

The Opinion Behaviour Mapping and Analysis Tool quantifies the qualitative comments that are submitted by survey respondents. The open-ended comments are read and measured, and scores resulting therefrom are incorporated into a manager’s profile. This further boosts the understanding of a manager’s unique style.

Is there an availability of a context-setting program for my managers?

Yes, we offer a one-day Orientation Program for the managers in your organization.

Through this session, we will take them through the entire framework of the program, the flow and timelines involves, and the ultimate step of being certified as a Great People Manager. This session will help them to understand why there is an emphasis on their ‘style’ as well as their ‘skill’ and what they can do to extract the maximum value from this program.

We can also guide them through the initial step of self-assessment and explain the various features of the platform before allowing them to explore on their own. This will also enable them to understand the benefits of this program and have their doubts clarified before being onboarded.

This one-day Orientation Program can be arranged at an additional cost.

So, what’s the first step?

Well, first of all, congratulations on expressing interest in making history as you embark on this first-of-its-kind manager development program. Now that this looks like something you want to implement for your managers, go ahead and explore the basic version of the platform.

Click here to create your own account, complete your self-assessment and navigate the web app.

Do share your feedback with us on [email protected] to let us know what you think and how you think we may improve. You may reach out to us on +91 9764719403 for further assistance or to set up a meeting with our team.