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Attract & Retain Employees with a Leadership Development Program

Sarah Yadav

Sarah Yadav

November 17, 2023 4 min read

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“To sustain success in today’s rapidly shifting global economy, you need to be a confident decision-maker, skilled strategist, global thinker, and effective change agent”.- Howard Bussiness School

Attracting and Retaining employees in today’s competitive world has become a difficult task. Every organisation irrespective of its scale/size suffers from the consequences of rapid changes in all areas of our lives. Such circumstances require all organisations/companies to have a leadership development program that will allow everyone to face any challenge that comes their way.

The common challenge companies face today is that of attracting and retaining employees. Attracting employees is easy compared to retaining them. They can be attracted by maintaining an open healthy work culture/environment, being transparent with how their career can progress in your company, and offering reasonable working hours and pay. Employee retention is a critical issue for organizations primarily because employee turnover can be costly and can negatively impact productivity and morale. However, retaining them through a leadership development programme is what we wish to share with you.

First things first, a leadership development programme must be strategic and one that suits your employees and your company, it must suit the aim and employees of the same. Leadership development programs help organisations cultivate and use the talent they already have. Companies must invest in internal growth and train employees for the better, training them to take on tasks they were hesitant to take on earlier. Your program will determine whether employees wish to stay or leave at the first opportunity because such programs have a significant impact on employee engagement and retention. Programs must include-

Improved Job Satisfaction

Leadership programs can improve employee satisfaction and engagement by providing them with a sense of purpose and by guiding them in the right direction. Programs must be designed in such a way that the goals, aims, and aspirations of a particular company are crystal clear. Making it a little less difficult and also helps in utilising time efficiently. Employees in this way are aware of what they have to do and are aware of their purpose in a particular workplace.


Loyalty is a two-way street, leadership programs can help in building a stronger sense of loyalty among employees by appreciating and motivating them. It’s like you appreciate employees who perform well through rewards and recognition and these rewards further encourage them to do better to take their work to the next level. Thus, keeping them engaged and loyal to the company.

Boosting Morale

Strategic leadership programs can improve employee morale. This positivity can translate into increased productivity and decreased turnover. Develop plans in such a way that they help in developing people. Training is important but developing and working on employees’ strengths is what makes them feel valued. It lets them know that the company is investing in them which makes them confident and they are more likely to not only perform better but stay in the company as well. They also end up setting an example for other employees, thus, motivating them to do better as well.

Developing plans that cater to specific needs

Programs must also look into tackling certain specific issues like gender, caste, creed, race, sexuality and religion-based discrimination in the workplace. It must be progressive and make space for all folks. It is imperative for programs and companies to rid themselves of any sort of biases in order to attract, retain and engage employees in the 21st-century workplace.

Creating strategic leadership development programs will have a profound impact on your company. Initiatives like conducting leadership training programs, conducting meetings and events that promote equality and diversity, and encouraging women, differently-abled people and others who face discrimination based on various factors will go a long way. It will show that a company values all and reflects a positive work environment and prioritises the development, growth and success of all.

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