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Silent Period And Dos & Don’ts Before Great Manager Institute® Assessment

Silent Period:

Silent Period (also known as a quiet period) is a stipulated time during which a company’s senior management does not interact with the participants who are feedback givers. This period usually begins 3 Days before the beginning of the survey and ends after the survey ends. During the silent period, the organization will not make any announcements that can cause a participant to change their point of view regarding the reporting manager or the management.

Communication check To Be Done Before the Start of the Silent Period:

  1. Great Manager Institute® assessment-related communication should be sent to all employees whether all employees are participating, or a sampled population is being surveyed.
  2. Any and every communication related to survey participation whether it is from the MD/CEO’s desk or from HR’s desk should be sent out to all your employees.
  3. Communicate the purpose of the survey clearly to all participants. Provide a concise explanation of what the survey aims to achieve and how the data will be used to improve the organization.
  4. Give precise instructions on how to complete the survey and emphasize the importance of providing honest and accurate responses.
  5. Please do not circulate any other kind of communication, including anything that may be construed as ‘Influencing the Survey Respondents’.

Communication check Not To Be Done During the Silent Period:

  1. Avoid any actions or statements that could influence or pressure respondents to provide specific answers. This includes expressing personal opinions or preferences during the survey administration process.
  2. Avoid offering incentives or rewards that are contingent upon specific survey responses. This can create a bias and potentially influence participants to provide desired answers rather than their true opinions.
  3. All communication should be the same for everyone, do not customize your communication basis departments, employee type (contract/full time), etc.
  4. Communication can be translated into regional languages and shared after getting them vetted by Great Manager Institute® team.
  5. Avoid conducting it during periods of high stress, significant organizational changes, or when emotions may be heightened, as these factors can influence responses.

By adhering to these dos and don’ts, you can help ensure the integrity and reliability of the organization survey, promoting honest and unbiased feedback from participants.