Do’s and Don’ts before Great Manager Institute® Assessment & Recognition

Communication to be done before the Silent Period:

1. You may promote/ talk about the good practices being undertaken in various forums like newsletters, public forums, emails, posters, videos, etc. However, do not link it to Great Manager Institute® Recognition in any form.

2. Any additional notes related to why are we doing this, and what is the objective/aim can be shared in public forums either verbally, through video messages, promotional campaigns, group communication, or one-on-one manager meetings only before the silent period begins.

3. Please do not circulate any other kind of communication, including anything that may be construed as ‘Influencing the Survey Respondents’.

Communication to be done during the Silent Period:

1. There must be a silent period of up to 10 days prior to Great Manager Institute® Assessment & Recognition.

2. Some examples of not to Do’s are – Bonus announcements, promotion cycles, new business acquisitions or mergers, job layoffs, critical organizational announcements, business offsites, etc., as any such organizational events may influence employee sentiments positively or negatively.

3. Communication should be restricted to informing about the dates of the survey and operational aspects during the silent period.

4. Great Manager Institute® Assessment related communications should be sent to all employees whether all employees are participating, or a sampled population is being surveyed

5. Any and every communication related to survey participation whether it is from the MD/CEO’s desk or from HR’s desk should be sent out to all your employees

6. All communication should be same for everyone, do not customize your communication basis departments, employee type (contract/full time) etc.

7. Communication can be translated in regional languages and shared after getting them vetted by Great Manager Institute® team.

8. Anyone across the organization should not be suggesting/instructing anyone on how to attempt the survey, what should be an appropriate response or anything that influences one’s own comprehension of survey statements.