An Exclusive Community of Managers with access to a Lifetime Digital Coach and many more perks!

Membership fees for Forbes Readers are at Rs. 20,000 only.
Register your interest here and pay a token advance of Rs. 100 to book your seat now.

What is the Great Managers League?

We are an exclusive community of leaders and managers that consists of managers nominated through our Certification and Recognition programs, along with managers who are applying through this page.

If you are a manager (from a first-time manager to a top leader), aspiring to be a part of something that can boost your brand, while helping you improve your People Manager Effectiveness through global benchmark-based personalized management intervention programs that merge with your work without taking away time from it, you must use this opportunity to join our League.

What makes this Special?

  1. 1. Our Partners: Associated with Forbes India and Great Place to Work
  2. 2. Our Brand: Pioneer of People Management globally (as a group)
  3. 3. Our Offerings: We offer products and services worth more than Rs. 50,000 to the members of the League, along with invaluable brand building and networking

Offerings by Great Managers League

  • Lifetime Digital Coach in the form of a Digital Platform, supported by a Personal Mentor, worth Rs 25,000, free of cost
  • Personalized Branding Packages that help boost your brand value further
  • Networking with the Best Managers globally
  • Access to all Paid Webinars, free of cost, worth approximately Rs. 12,000.
  • Subsidized access to all events by Great Manager Institute, Special Events for you and other members of the League
  • Other perks in form of books, content and mantras, shared at regular intervals

Who constitutes the Great Managers League?

Members who Apply through this special Page and get selected

Members who get Certified through the Great People Manager™ Certification Program first and are then invited to this League

Members who are recognized in Forbes India, through the Great People Manager™ Study and Awards