Abhishek Mandal

Why and how do employees begin to leave? Can a manager or a leader on their own reduce attrition in their place of employment? Several organizations talk about lowering attrition, but are they successful? And what methods or steps do the successful ones use to achieve the same? Find out how leaders like Abhishek Mandal, Executive Vice President at Lodha Group, make his workplace safe and productive with genuinely happy and satisfied employees.

“The attrition in Lodha Luxury Business has been less than 4% with only 1 Sales Manager exiting the system in 2 years.”

Abhishek focuses not only on the tangible benefits of his initiative but on the intangible ones as well; he believes that they play a vital role in making a workplace successful. For him, constructive feedback is crucial. For Lodha Group, constructive feedback is an ongoing process; they don’t wait for mid-term or end-of-year feedback. It is excellent employee retention practices like this that got him a place in the prestigious Top 100 Great People Managers list of 2021 by Great Manager Institute®, published in Forbes India.

“I ensure that each team member has opportunities to learn before they are expected to deliver results.”

Even though he is the Vice President of  Lodha Group, he has taken up the role and responsibility of a teacher. He gives his employees practical help through on-the-job training by allowing freshers to accompany associates during their interaction with customers or by making them sit as observers.

“No victory is small if it builds positivity in the workplace, it is important to celebrate it with the team.”

Whether it is the closure of a deal or an out-of-the-box initiative by a team member, Abhishek makes it a point to appreciate the individual and highlight it to the group to spur an achievement-oriented culture. He also encourages team members to share photographs of celebrations of personal moments with family or other personal pursuits to help know each other better beyond the sphere of work.

As the leader, he believes in instilling values of the “can do – will do” spirit in his team members. This starts with interaction on the WhatsApp group. This activity is called “Pearls of Wisdom”, where stories of excellence are shared with team members to lift spirits and to look forward to the day with a positive outlook.

“I believe in creating clear growth paths for dedicated employees.”

The career paths of meritorious performers are accelerated by giving them expanded roles or by fast-tracking things from scheduled timelines. This is a tremendous encouragement for other team members as they aspire to strive harder as they see visible evidence of the rewards and meritocratic work culture.

If your organization is struggling to attract and retain great talent, it is probably time to have a thorough review of your leadership practices. Great Managers Institute® is on a mission to make great leaders and in our series “Your Employees are Leaving Because of You”, we are sharing the best employee retention practices of India’s Top 100 Great People Managers of 2021.

According to GMI, this is what we can learn from Abhishek Mandal:

  1. To reduce attrition, a leader must not only focus on the business angle of things but the personal side of their teams as well
  2. Tangible and intangible benefits must be given equal importance
  3.  A leader must not be afraid to shed come down from their high position

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