Deepika Dabke

Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Organisational Behavior Studies,learning and development enthusiast, diversity and inclusion expert and corporate trainer who also  the designed the initiative  that enable people like an Electric Distribution company that won the ASTD awards, authoring and presented award-winning papers at national and international conferences,  and a huge influence on young minds, having Dr Deepika Dabke at Great Manager Institute ® as a trainer is another feather in our cap. As a seasoned trainer , she has created excellent designs and has implemented behavioural training programmes that focus on improving employee performance, work quality and team productivity. She has introduced practices which encourage open and clear communication and has developed excellent leadership styles and management abilities. 

Dr Dabke describes herself as an introspective person not very talkative, but curious and is an easy person to talk to. She enjoys learning new things and analysing them, it’s a major part of who she is. Engaging with people and contributing to their well-being coupled with her reliable and trustworthy characteristics is what makes her such a great trainer. If you ask her to describe her professional journey in one word, she would use the word “serendipity”. She studied to be a Psychologist and started her career as a therapist. She is drawn to the field of Learning and Development and considers herself fortunate to be able to take up independent work across various industries at an early age.

Getting her doctorate has been one of her greatest dreams and her proudest moment, especially because she resumed studying after a break of 10 years with a daughter and family to care for.  Her area of research was Emotional Intelligence and Leadership, she sought to enrich her understanding of the role of Leadership in Organisational Effectiveness. Dr Dabke is also passionate about Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Dr Dabke completed a certification in the area to enhance her understanding of the subject. 

Her take on CDI i.e Connect-Develop-Inspire is the perfect recipe for engaging and energising your teams. Connect is about knowing your team members beyond work and is a great tool for creating Psychological safety to help people bring all to work. Development is about valuing teams by believing in their ability to grow and nurturing their potential to the fullest. Inspiration is about creating a sense of ownership and belongingness. It is about creating a culture of gratitude and appreciation and acknowledging the goodness of each and every team member. 

She has also completed her Coaching certification and is looking forward to partnering with leaders and helping them achieve their goals.