Dr. Ankita Singh

“The manager is a buddy too. There shouldn’t be a line that’s too harsh that it creates a gap between us.”

Great Manager Institute® is proud to present the story of Dr Ankita Singh, Senior Vice President and Global Head HR at Cignex, and one of the Top 100 Great People Managers of 2021 by Great Manager Institute® published in Forbes India. Find out how Dr Ankita works and guides her organisation and team to success.

The way Dr Ankita and her team work is unique, their initiatives are process-driven not people-driven. They keep an open mind and are ready to relook, redefine, reboot, and rename. They have a tight-knit team which sticks together, not only for comfort but for new challenges and growth. They take pride in the work they do and do not shy away from accepting mistakes. They are all learning well and the curve shows it.

RYM: Review Your Manager

Review Your Manager is a quarterly formal initiative where team members share problems, roadblocks, and any misunderstandings miss or hits about their manager. It’s an anonymous system but gives a very clear indication and data points about Dr Singh as a manager and the areas she might need to improve.

‘It’s doable to invest in development but the day they realize that THEY MATTER THE MOST, they stay forever.”

Under the excellent leadership of Ankita, the company has seen 0% attrition, her team is as strong as it used to be when they first started. She believes she achieved this low attrition rate through her interpersonal and communication skills. All this is reflected in the attitude and performance of her employees.

“Subject matter expertise is important but being the jack of all is the need of the hour.”

The best way to grow according to her is to pick a profile that can be learned every six months and don’t stick to the base forever. Cross-functional skills are critical. Time is changing at a speed that no one ever imagined. There is no guarantee that what’s niche and needed today will exist tomorrow. It’s important to stay relevant and adapt more than ever. It’s essential to step out of your comfort zone and invest in the self. Through this process, it becomes realistic to prepare a team for the future.

Great Managers Institute® is on a mission to make great leaders and in our series “Your Employees are Leaving Because of You”, we are sharing the best employee retention practices of India’s Top 100 Great People Managers of 2021.

According to GMI, this is what we can learn from Dr Ankita Singh’s story:

  1. Keeping yourself open to feedback is the key to success 
  2. One must make efforts to learn new skills
  3. Investing in your employees is as important as investing in their development

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Cheers to great leaders!