Devika Tomar

Great Manager Institute® is fortunate to present the story of Devika Tomar, Founder and Creative Director at House of Tomar, and one of the Top 100 Great People Managers of 2021 by Great Manager Institute® published in Forbes India. She has worked in the past for well-known companies and celebrities and is now running her own company. Find out the principles and practices she follows that help her succeed.

As a leader, she keeps an open mind and looks for improvement opportunities by accepting criticism and feedback from her team. The company works on refining its execution and communication skills. Devika herself works on expanding her knowledge base and encourages her team to do the same.

“I do a meeting with my team once a week; a meeting where members are not allowed to say “yes” but “NOPE.”

Receiving and accepting feedback from team members or employees is the greatest quality a leader or manager can have. It not only reflects the open-mindedness of a senior but also shows that the opinions and suggestions of employees are valued. The purpose of this meeting “NOPE” is to hear everyone’s opinion so that they make the right decision.

Inhale Creative Energy, Exhale Aesthetic

It is a mantra that Devika believes in. She draws inspiration from Albert Einstein’s saying “Creativity is just intelligence having fun”. It’s something everyone must follow because having fun is important. In this activity, she asks her employees to learn something new, something creative related to an industry they are a part of. The learning can be of any form, history, process, forecast, etc.

Great Managers Institute® aims to bring out the best in industry leaders. Our series “Your Business is Built by People You Nurture” shares the best workplace practices of India’s Top 100 Great People Managers of 2021.

According to GMI, this is what we can learn from Devika Tomar’s story:

  1. Keeping an open mind is one of the keys to success 
  2. Expanding one’s knowledge base or actively learning new concepts is important for self-growth
  3. While the big picture is important, attention must be paid to the minutest of details in order to achieve a perfect outcome

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Cheers to great leaders!