Vrinda Shinkre

The Great Manager Institute ® is thrilled to share the story of Vrinda Shinkre. With her certification from  Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder centered Coaching and the GROW model by Carlton advanced management research, she is a trainer for our Great Manager Certification Program. She has a master’s Degree in economics, a diploma in hospitality and a PG Diploma in Human Resource Management. 

Growing up in multiple places meant meeting new people. It allowed her to experience new cities and acquaint herself with semi-urban India. As a result, she now enjoys working with various professionals across industries today. She finds it easy to see and think from other people’s points of view. Her professional journey was not what she visualised however, she is very happy to have discovered this path and with all she has achieved over the past 25 years.

 This change came about while she was working with an international educational institution.  she began training students in soft skills. It was so enjoyable to see them transform into confident and responsible professionals that it inspired her to train people in behavioural /leadership skills in the corporate world. She moved to Bangalore to explore opportunities in the same sector and since a lot of managers and women leaders started asking for advice post her session, she was encouraged to take up coaching. 

Today, Vrinda works passionately to make a difference to individuals, teams and organisations by working on their attitude, behaviour and role-specific skills. As an Independent consultant, she works with multiple international Training organisations and well-known companies across industries and geographies in the field of Coaching, Leadership Development and behavioural skills. She has also managed strong teams of trainers and sales managers across locations. Having worked with Training and Development as well as sales she has insight into the developmental needs of multiple industries across levels. 

She brings to the table a passion for results and a systematic approach to learning at all levels. Her abilities to talk to a diverse audience, ask the right questions and counselling help her understand needs and get a buy-in from the business. The industries she has worked with are IT, ITES, Banking and Finance, Engineering and Manufacturing, Aviation, Hospitality and others.

She believes in overcoming challenges by changing her perspective, and by looking at them as opportunities to become better and stronger, instead of looking at them as an obstacle or a burden. Besides being an excellent coach and being a pro in her professional life, she has struck an amazing balance by raising two young and confident daughters to be good human beings first and of course, determined professionals. Taking care of family, work and hobbies is a challenge sometimes but working with good people has helped her overcome those and lead a wholesome life.

Why does Vrinday enjoy working at Great Manager Institute®?

Vrinda says “I am very happy to work with GMI. First it’s a place where organizational change or improvement is taken very seriously. I  love the methodology. Also, it’s a place where I can freely express myself in meetings and other conversations. I feel valued and cared for. I also like the way GMI involves us in ideation and content building.”