Sonali Gera - GMI Facilitator

Achieving a state of mindfulness is possibly one of the most revered skills that a great manager can possess. It helps not only perceive one’s life, but also workspace oriented scenarios with clarity and the intent to deliver. 

Sonali has always had “living to life’s fullest” as a motivating factor in her life. Being an outdoorsy person, her biggest source of inspiration is traveling. Experiencing different countries, cuisines, cultures and lifestyles enables a journey of self exploration and reflection. Admittedly, she also loves immersing herself in a variety of sports, especially yoga and swimming.

Sonali graduated from Lady Shri Ram college in Delhi, with an MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune. This further gave leeway to her HR career, wherein she worked with some of the biggest global companies such as Mercedes,  EXL Service, Patni Computers and Tata Motors over an expanse of 15 years. 

Being an Internationally Certified Coach and a Global HR practitioner, Sonali works as a leadership facilitator with clients in over 70 countries across the globe. She also runs a consulting practise in the field of Coaching, Training, POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment at workplace), Diversity and Inclusion. She specializes in Trauma Informed Coaching and integrates several modalities like Somatic Experiencing,  NVC,mindfulness, Yoga,  Social Presencing Theater in her work. 

Sonali also works with multiple women leaders and coaches from organizations to put into context what feminine leadership brings to the table and how diversity inclusion at workplaces is significant for companies. 

Through self realization and discovery, one can in turn also help others discover themselves. Being in touch with our inner self and knowing how to tap into our potential, is a tool that helps overcome life’s trials and tribunals. It also helps appreciate others who assist or guide us in this journey called life. Sonali continues to inspire and encourage a multitude of people with her positive can do attitude in life. 

“When we become people- leaders, overnight we are expected to develop new skills. CDI gives a simple mantra to become an effective people manager- connect with your team regularly, invest in their growth and appreciate and motivate them often. CDI not only gives what to do but also how to do it.” 

Everything at Great Manager Institute ®  is done keeping the ‘people manager’ at the center. It’s all about impacting lives one leader at a time, and that has been one of my biggest takeaways while working at GMI. According to her, being a great people manager is not rocket science but is about understanding basic human needs at work. It is the need to build connections, the need to feel valued and the need to grow.

When asked about why she loves working with Great Manager Institute®, she says “I love working with GMI because of its youthful vibrant culture. I learn so much from other facilitators and the GMI team.”