Every success tells the story of ongoing adaptability to the environment, strategy revision, and ultimate transformation. Find out how Soniya Prithiani, Deputy Vice President at Lodha Group and one of the Top 100 Great People Managers of 2021 by Great Manager Institute® published in Forbes India, cultivated a team culture of close relationships with customers and their families.

“Stand together and accomplish the task.”

Soniya challenges the teams to work together rather than rewarding individuals because she believes that a business cannot flourish by just one person but by a team of people who can stand together and achieve results with patience and endurance. In addition to increasing team engagement, this keeps teams together.

“Create an environment of healthy competition.”

She inspires and motivates her team by leading as an example. She has built a wall of fame with the images of winners placed there to inspire the teams and promote healthy competition, which empowers them and boosts their morale.

“Spend quality time with the team.”

Soniya developed a team-building activity to help the team support working together, and appreciate one another’s efforts. She believes in spending quality time with each department by celebrating special occasions for customers and their families and surprising them with gifts. As a result, she has developed close relationships with the clients and their families in the group.

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