Your team members should be exposed to every aspect of the project so they can learn more about it and become more confident in it. Find out how Philip Masih, Vice President of HR at 2COMS Consulting, and one of the Top 100 Great People Managers of 2021 by Great Manager Institute® published in Forbes India, enhanced teamwork, communication, performance, and employee passion for their work.

“Don’t make them wait for appraisals.”

To improve focus and career growth, Philip developed a policy requiring team members to participate in a program allowing them to write their own paychecks after serving a six-month probationary period. Under this program, team members can set goals, specify the time required to achieve them, and decide when they will be evaluated as having achieved them.

“Make the communication transparent.”

Every morning, Philips holds a video conference with the team to address assignments of interdepartmental interventions. By doing this, communication across departments is more open and efficient, and the turnaround time for closure is also shortened.

“Allow them to lead the team.”

By giving them a chance to run the team’s daily operations and initiatives, and lead the team, Philip helped his team members develop the leadership skills necessary to take on leadership roles in the future. That gave them a sense of ownership over the entire project rather than just staying within their comfort zones.

Great Managers Institute® is on a mission to make great leaders and in our series “Your Employees are Leaving Because of You”, we are sharing the best employee retention practices of India’s Top 100 Great People Managers of 2021.

According to GMI, this is what we can learn from Philip Masih’s story:

1. Transparency in communication is the key
2. Give your team members a chance to be the team leader

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