Proactive measures are urgently needed as the “survival of the fittest” principle becomes more relevant in the modern environment as different notions of our professional and personal life have changed due to the times we live in. Find out how Parul Mathur, Former SVP of Human Resources and Training at Infocom Network (  and one of the Top 100 Great People Managers of 2021 by Great Manager Institute® published in Forbes India, made steps to encourage employees to push their boundaries.

“Let the employees express their views.”

Parul claims that in order to communicate with the employees during meetings, the senior management launched a program called “Chai with CEO”. This initiative enabled employees to communicate openly and fearlessly with the senior leaders about their concerns and gradually improved the perception as per which the employees generally see the management.

“Build a unique virtual connect platform.”

Parul created a unique virtual platform so people can communicate without depending on Zoom or MS Teams. She held multiple webinars, conducted trainings, and celebrated milestones with the customers and staff using this platform. In addition to helping with exceptional customer service, according to Parul, this allowed for the continuance of routine business operations in a virtual environment and helped build a continuous knowledge-sharing platform.

Launch special programs to honour their efforts.

In order to recognize the achievements made by the female employees during the lockdown, Parul propagated women’s leadership by developing a unique program for them. Internally, case studies of successful female employees were showcased to inspire others, and the goal of gender diversity was given top priority. The organization also stated that women would be granted a one-day paid wellness leave on menstruation days.

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According to GMI, this is what we can learn from Parul Mathur’s story:

1. Give the workers a chance to voice their opinions
2. Launch unique initiatives to recognize their contributions
3. Create a unique platform for virtual connections

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