Verticka Kohli – An Internationally Certified Coach and Learning & Development Professional

The joy of facilitating is like no other. The ability to assist and lend ourselves as a tool to individuals, who seek to be triumphant in their pursuits, requires patience, confidence and trust in oneself. This belief is what allows great leaders to go the extra mile. 

The desire to work for, and with others is the perpetual driving force that encourages Verticka to strive another day. In organisations, having a clear vision that encompasses its purpose with clarity is what defines its success. Verticka shares this philosophy, and is therefore devoted to helping companies shape this vision with respect to organisational structure, procedure and people. She focuses on productivity, teamed with creativity and utilising human resources to its optimum potential.  

Verticka is the founder of Ukaavi Consulting, which she has been running for over the last 7 years. Her areas of expertise include Organisational Transformation, Leadership Assessment and Development, Training Design, Training Facilitation as well as  Competency Development and Socialisation.  She is certified on various tools and methodologies like DiSC, Lumina Spark, Emotional Competence Inventory, Leadership Styles, Behavioural Interviewing etc. She is an Internationally Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has worked with Middle, High-Potentials and Senior Level executives across various industries. Her work has panned across geographies like India, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, UK as well as USA.

She has conquered not only her professional space, but also motherhood, being a proud parent to two boys. Taking inspiration from her love and passion towards her children, Verticka also conceptulised a business revolving around kids books called “Book-A-Star.” It focuses on assisting parents to handpick book genres according to their needs. Whilst making it a point to maintain a great work-life balance, Verticka is an avid learner, having interests spanning across painting, art and music. 

According to Verticka, in a workspace, survival is through adaptability. Being able to cope, as well as come up with solutions on your feet is an important skill that never goes redundant. Learning, unlearning, skill building and upskilling are essentials that converge together to create the recipe to being a competent individual and employee. Great employees nurture great work spaces. Therefore, consistent and continuous evolution in strategies is key to creating a well oiled organisational structure. 

Verticka continues to inspire other individuals to think bigger and work harder on and for themselves, while fueling her own aspirations to scale new heights everyday. 

Why does Verticka enjoy working at Great Manager Institute®?

“It’s been an absolute delight working with GMI! The camaraderie, willingness to support each other, share insights and learnings in a transparent manner is what sets the team apart here. It’s been a fantastic journey with loads of learnings for me individually and professionally.”